Meet Continuum 2!


Continuum 2 is the sequel to Continuum 1, which was released December 25, 2008. Since then, the iPod hack has received over 4,000 downloads, and now, it’s sequel is out.

Continuum 2 is built on the iPod Video (5G, and 5.5G)’s 1.3 firmware, and there is not lag whatsoever in the menus or screens. So what is Continuum? It is a firmware hack that changes the menu design and overall look and feel of your iPod (not your actual iPod, but how it works). You install it onto your iPod via iPodWizard, and not to mention that it looks sexy, and only takes a couple of minutes to install.

Here’s what one of the developers says on the design: Design: We listened. And we responded. With Continuum 2.0, we took all the suggestions into consideration, while ingenuity and creativity brought it to life. We were successful in creating a Video Now Playing that is finally seamless in performance. We also challenged impossibilities with implementing a half-screen lockscreen. Continuum 2.0 has a stunning Main Menu with 7 enlarged icons, making it much more easy to theme as well as use than the previous 11 small options in Continuum 1.0 that made it cramped for the user. Also, unlike Continuum 1.0, Large Album Art has finally made it to the table!
Important Instructions:

1. Download Continuum 2.0 and save it to your desktop, and extract it.
2. Download iPodWizard 1.3 from -HERE- and open it.
3. Make sure your iPod is connected and readable by iPW
4. Open the bin file with iPodWizard and flash it to your iPod
5. **In top left corner of iPW, there is a box with the label “Firmware Information” with a table underneath with Image Checksum etc.** If 0×2D2A370B’s status is Read Only, right click and fix checksums. If its status is OK, then don’t do this step.
6. Write to iPod
7. Unplug after it has successfully written.
8. Replug quickly
9. Hard Reboot (Center + Menu) May take a few seconds to load.
10. Unplug it when you see Do Not Disconnect symbol.

11. Make sure you have Music, Photos, Videos, Extras, Settings, Shuffle Songs turned on in Settings > Main Menu

So, go download Continuum 2, install it on your iPod, and send me some pics! I’m downloading it right now, and will install it on my iPod tonight. I’ll try to get some pictures of it running later tonight, or tomorrow. ;)


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4 responses to “Meet Continuum 2!

  1. “4. Open the bin file with iPodWizard and flash it to your iPod”

    what does it mean by flash it to my iPod?
    how do i do that?

    because i’ve tried this three times now and it just tells me to open iTunes to restore my iPod at the end

  2. also 0×2D2A370B is not in the list…

  3. thks!!! with this firmware gave me a message: ‘this game cannot be played ipod’ .. . im doing something wrong? could this games(holdem zuma) played on this firmware?

    thks in advance, i will apreciate it alot!

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